Board of Elders

As St. Timothy, the Board of Elders assists the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation. This includes assisting with worship activities and distribution of Communion, providing and training ushers and acolytes, and reviewing sermon and Bible study topics.

The Board of Elders prays for, encourages, and is concerned about the spiritual emotional and physical health and welfare of the Pastor and his family.  They act as his supervisor and periodically review his financial compensation package and pastoral activities to ensure that he is adequately supported by the congregation and does not over extend himself.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Elders is to assist member in discussing delicate matter, concerns, etc. with the pastor of other members of the congregation. In all cases, Elders maintain confidentiality and will either deal with the issue directly or discuss it with other Elders and/or the Pastor to determine the appropriate course of action. Elders also connect with the members of the congregation to identify situations were special support, prayer, pastoral involvement may be needed to help an individual or family through a difficult time.

Members can approach any Elder to discuss a concern or issue. However to help distribute responsibility for the members of the congregation among the Elders, families have been assigned to a specific Elder based on the first letter of their last name as indicated in the table below.



Lenn Gorsuch

Lenn and his wife Linda are long time members of St. Timothy. Lenn has been an Elder for over 7 years.  Lenn can be reached at 425 483-8770 or email at LGOR5@hotmail.com

Gary Eneberg

Gary has been an Elder since 2009 and became the head Elder in 2010.  Gary leads the men's breakfast held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday's at 8:30 am. Gary can be contacted at 425 43-0880 or email gary.enebert@gmail.com

Karl Simon

Karl Simon and his wife Patsy have been members of has been a members of St. Timothy since 2000.  Karl as been an active member and served on the Council for several years. In 2011, Karl was confirmed as an Elder.  Karl can be reached at 425 670-3354 or karlheinz.simon@comcast.net